Friday, July 31, 2009

Estate Sale....Oh MY

I got up real early again today for an estate sale. This one advertised that the whole house was vintage...vintage...vintage! How could I resist?

I waited an hour and a half after arriving early to get my number for the sale to begin. The estate sale company owner was being rude & testy to his makes me feel like I'm hearing someone scrape their nails across a chalkboard when I hear him talk to them like that. It makes me wish I had stayed home, honestly....

When they finally started to let us in...(late, of course)....I hurried up the stairs to the bedroom closets...the holder of the treasures. I was up there all alone for quite awhile. Finally I made a few selections and made my way back downstairs to the main floor that was crawling with people. Wow, this was a crazy circus....I had to get out of there! I stood in line, paid for my beautiful vintage dresses and quickly hurried to my car.

I think I'll stay home next weekend...I may love estate sales....but I really hate the circus.

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