Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Blouses Are Coming....The Blouses Are Coming....

As the title suggests "the blouses ARE coming" to my store, ClubVintage at Etsy.

I have been organizing my personal vintage clothing collection and have proven for a fact that there has been reproduction going on amongst the blouses.
I am sure that what once was possibly 30 blouses.... is now 60 or more.
This is a major problem.....I was not informed of the expansion in the rude.

I refuse to harbor any sneaky reproducing blouses and their cousins the vintage shirt any longer. If you promise not to tell .....I will share with you my plan to rid myself of these traitors.....I will be putting them up for sale in my store!

I have already started to secretly divest the goods....if you are interested in owning any of these special blouses or shirts help yourself....just mind my warning....keep them separated.
If you fail to heed my advise.....I accept no responsibility for their reproductive habits!

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