Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got The Rainy Day Blues

This has been the strangest summer. If you can even call it summer. I watch the national weather and they keep talking about heat waves, record breaking temperatures....but that is not the weather outside my front door, no way. in Michigan...have been having a very cool, more like early spring, summer. The weather people say the jet stream is not in its usual place, the dip is too low....yada,yada,yada. It is just plain chilly most days with lots and lots of RAIN!

Today is one of those days....rainy, foggy, cold....with more of the exact same day to follow in the forecast for the rest of the week. So, I have been perusing the offerings of Vintage Fashion Guild members over at things to cheer up my blue mood....hope they cheer you up too!

Bonton Vintage
Vintage 1970s Blue Hawaiian Dress with Matching Hot Pants Shorts L/XL

Early 1960s Vintage Chanel Styled Turquoise Blue Tweed Jacket

1950s Vintage Earrings Crescent Moon Blue

SALE Vintage 60s Spring Plaid Cropped Pastels Jacket S

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