Monday, July 27, 2009

The Allure Of The Suit

I love suits and even just suit jackets alone who have lost their mates through the passage of years....especially 40's suits with nipped waists and exquisite design details...they are one of my favorite finds.

I find that they are one of the easiest things to mix in with a modern wardrobe. Add a jacket with your skinny blue jeans, or over a sundress in the overly air-conditioned world of modern buildings.

I also like to pair a pencil skirt with a perfectly tailored blouse or a pleated plaid skirt with a fitted're set to go once you add fab shoes, a bag and your favorite jewelry.

I think that if you want to add a shot of versatility to your fall wardrobe you should look for a vintage suit.

Here are a few beauties from some of my fellow Vintage Fashion Guild member's stores.

Black Cropped Curvy 50s Vintage Suit Jacket L by

Tailored 1950s Monochromatic Plaid Wool Vintage Suit by

50s Vintage Tan and White Polka Dot Cotton Sateen Suit-S

Vintage 40s Plaid Wool Suit S bust 36"

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