Friday, July 31, 2009

Estate Sale....Oh MY

I got up real early again today for an estate sale. This one advertised that the whole house was vintage...vintage...vintage! How could I resist?

I waited an hour and a half after arriving early to get my number for the sale to begin. The estate sale company owner was being rude & testy to his makes me feel like I'm hearing someone scrape their nails across a chalkboard when I hear him talk to them like that. It makes me wish I had stayed home, honestly....

When they finally started to let us in...(late, of course)....I hurried up the stairs to the bedroom closets...the holder of the treasures. I was up there all alone for quite awhile. Finally I made a few selections and made my way back downstairs to the main floor that was crawling with people. Wow, this was a crazy circus....I had to get out of there! I stood in line, paid for my beautiful vintage dresses and quickly hurried to my car.

I think I'll stay home next weekend...I may love estate sales....but I really hate the circus.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Street Blooms...a.k.a. My Flowers

I just have to share my lilies...these bulbs were a purchase from a school fundraiser my oldest grandson sold several years ago. Due to the cold and snowy Michigan winter they were supposed to be dug up and replanted every year or they would these perfect pink beauties look dead to you?

I know that I just got lucky that they aren't dead...that my laziness did not kill them.....maybe it is because they are securely nestled up next to my front porch....with a nearly 100 year old house...I'm sure the escaping heat that I pay dearly for has nurtured them....warmed their sweet feet....well at least my hard earned dollars went to a good cause.....:)

While I was out I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the other flowers that surround my front porch...enjoy!

P.S. See........even the bugs think they are irresistible.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Allure Of The Suit

I love suits and even just suit jackets alone who have lost their mates through the passage of years....especially 40's suits with nipped waists and exquisite design details...they are one of my favorite finds.

I find that they are one of the easiest things to mix in with a modern wardrobe. Add a jacket with your skinny blue jeans, or over a sundress in the overly air-conditioned world of modern buildings.

I also like to pair a pencil skirt with a perfectly tailored blouse or a pleated plaid skirt with a fitted're set to go once you add fab shoes, a bag and your favorite jewelry.

I think that if you want to add a shot of versatility to your fall wardrobe you should look for a vintage suit.

Here are a few beauties from some of my fellow Vintage Fashion Guild member's stores.

Black Cropped Curvy 50s Vintage Suit Jacket L by

Tailored 1950s Monochromatic Plaid Wool Vintage Suit by

50s Vintage Tan and White Polka Dot Cotton Sateen Suit-S

Vintage 40s Plaid Wool Suit S bust 36"

Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's Estate Sale Treasures

I just got back from an estate sale with some fabulous treasures.

I really enjoy the anticipation...what will I find, will they have a "must have"....I also enjoy sitting in the car reading my current book (The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger)while I wait for the sale to begin.
For those of you who are not familiar with estate sales they give out numbers at a certain time, usually at 8am with the sale not set to start until 9am. Lots of people leave to go get coffee or some breakfast but not me, I don't drink coffee and I hate to lose my prime parking space. I just bring green tea in my thermos and my current book and I sit and wait. I also people watch...I have a few fellow patrons that I visit with...we talk about what we are looking for and what other sales are not to be missed that day while we wait the last few minutes before the opening rush to get inside to see the treasures.

Today's sale had lots of very old collectibles from a former business the family owned...but that is not why I I was looking for the vintage clothes that they advertised. I got in with the first group....I went straight to the clothes.....hummmmmm. I quickly found a rack of coats, my eyes were drawn to a beautiful leather coat in a soft butterscotch had turn lock closures and huge front pockets.....I peeked inside and found just what I knew would be there....Bonnie Cashin!

As I continued to look with the coat draped over my arm I found a rack of shoes and purses. I reached out and touched a soft leather purse, picked it up and its label read Mark was a touch lighter than the coat but went together wonderfully with it....another must have.

I continued on and looked at the jewelry picking up a confetti lucite bracelet. I also found a cute pair of Siamese cat salt and pepper shakers with turquoise rhinestone collars....perfect for my kitchen...they joined my new found treasures.

Next I found a set of eight atomic glasses....too cute.....they join my growing stash.

I checked out and smiled all the way to my car....I love estate sales!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got The Rainy Day Blues

This has been the strangest summer. If you can even call it summer. I watch the national weather and they keep talking about heat waves, record breaking temperatures....but that is not the weather outside my front door, no way. in Michigan...have been having a very cool, more like early spring, summer. The weather people say the jet stream is not in its usual place, the dip is too low....yada,yada,yada. It is just plain chilly most days with lots and lots of RAIN!

Today is one of those days....rainy, foggy, cold....with more of the exact same day to follow in the forecast for the rest of the week. So, I have been perusing the offerings of Vintage Fashion Guild members over at things to cheer up my blue mood....hope they cheer you up too!

Bonton Vintage
Vintage 1970s Blue Hawaiian Dress with Matching Hot Pants Shorts L/XL

Early 1960s Vintage Chanel Styled Turquoise Blue Tweed Jacket

1950s Vintage Earrings Crescent Moon Blue

SALE Vintage 60s Spring Plaid Cropped Pastels Jacket S

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Visitor

I know that the "visitor" has nothing to do with vintage clothing...or accessories...or anything vintage at all...but...I can't help it the story must be told.

The "visitor" arrived early Friday morning, very early. I woke up to a pair of eyes staring at me, my son was telling me something came in his window....oh no, this doesn't sound good...not good at all.
I dragged myself out of bed to see just what all the commotion was about...after all it was still dark out for crying out loud!

I came downstairs to find a pure white cat sitting in the middle of my kitchen with its big eyes looking straight at blue eye & one yellow eye...both staring me down. Mr. Club Vintage gave me the sheepish grin, the one that says I couldn't help it....sure buddy.
Did this come in the window? No, I let it in the front door....great, well now it can might have sick....we agreed, no more pets, remember?
Reluctantly the Mr. scooted the "visitor" out the door.

The Mr. and darling son went off to their jobs and I got busy at home. Later we all went bowling and brought our granddaughter home afterwards. What do I see on the back porch but the "visitor" waiting patiently for our return. Mr. Club Vintage scrounged around for something to feed to the "visitor" as he must be hungry. Soon the "visitor was safely ensconced in the living room being treated to as much love and attention as my granddaughter and grandpa could give, well it was very sweet but my resolve was still strong....the "visitor" must leave.

Next morning there was the "visitor" sitting on the porch with a gift for Mr. Club Vintage....a mole....the scourge of the lawn....the bane of his existence....Mr. was firmly in love!
Soon he took a trip to the store....his bag overflowed with goodies upon his guessed food, flea collar and treats.
Oh, my, this was getting into dangerous territory. I told him it must belong to was too clean, well feed and friendly to be a stray. I quickly volunteered to check the lost & found ads...someone must be missing their baby. I found nothing listed for a white cat with two different colored eyes.
Well, it can stay on the porch another night but not in the house, I'll check again tomorrow.

The next morning there sat the "visitor" with two more gifts for Mr. Club Vintage. He lavished praise on the "visitor" over and great he was...what a hunter...what a good boy! I thawed a little but still I thought the "wonderful hunter" should keep to the happy hunting ground...outside.

Next morning there sat the "visitor" lazing about in the porch chair....appearing quite satisfied & comfortable. I caught myself talking to the "visitor" as I went in and out of the house....he followed me out to the garden and lay sunning himself while I weeded, it was rather nice....shhhh...did I say that?

As evening rolled around I went out to water my plants that surround the front porch....the "visitor" came and sat watching me as I made my rounds with the watering can. When I was done he followed me into the house...slid right in between my feet. He stretched out on the back of the sofa and went to sleep. I didn't have the heart to wake him....but I did snap a few pictures....he was so cute....maybe......

As I was contemplating the whole idea a knock sounded on the front door. I answered the door and there stood a man, a stranger to me....he was asking if we had found a white cat....a white cat with two different colored eyes. He said his nephew had been walking by and saw one on the porch so he thought he would see if it was his cat. Well, Mr. Club Vintage and I said yes, he's here....we'll get him for you. We handed him over to his owner along with the bag of food and treats. Off they went, walking down the sidewalk toward home which was a few blocks away.

As we shut the door for the night I think both of us were both happy and sad at the same time. The "visitor" had found his owner...but we will miss the "visitor."

Woke up this morning and went outside ....there sat the "visitor".....

Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Monday Already????

Wow, where did the weekend go?

Why does it always seem I never finish what I planned to do on the weekend?

Well, thank goodness there is always next weekend!

Here are a few things that will be available soon at my Etsy soon as I get the listings finished.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Friday....Let's Paint The Town RED!

Morning everyone.... it is Friday...the end of the work week....finally!

You deserve to go out on the town really paint it red.

My mission for today is to help you get I present to all of you vintage lovers planning to hit the streets......ravishing red beauties ripe for the picking...

All of these fiery hued treasures are available on Etsy, enjoy!

Party Dress@Denisebrain

Frank Usher Dress@Bigyellowtaxivintage

Dancing Shoes@VintageinBohemia

Beaded Purse@RetroWear

Men's Cocktail Shirt@Joules

Pucci Hat@ClubVintage

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butterflies Are Free To Fly....Fly Away...Fly Away

Catbooks1940s at

I have had butterflies on my mind for days.....ever since a huge vibrant orange & yellow monarch practically landed on my hand a few weeks ago when I got out of the car in my driveway after going to the grocery store.

I was reminded about butterflies again yesterday as I listed a beautiful 1950's sheer dotted swiss dress. The fabric sports the gentle beauties done in soft shades of pink, purple and aqua, it made me smile.

Butterfies were my mom's favorite creatures....she even has them carved into her headstone....they are one of my favorites too....thanks to mom....when one of them flits through my flower gardens I always say, "Hi Mom!"

So..... feel carefree, get a smile and enjoy some butterfly items listed on Etsy from my fellow Vintage Fashion Guild members.

ClubVintage at

CatseyeVintage at

Daisyfairbanks at

thespectrum at

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check Us Out......We Have A New Look!

I know the mechanics of how to do a banner, an avatar and a few other "graphics" on the computer but.....after long hours...and I do mean hours.....the end result is very amateurish to say the least.
I knew it was way past time to upgrade my Etsy store.......
Club Vintage and my blog with a new, professional look.

I starting searching on Etsy about three weeks ago. I wanted something atomic, or mid-century modern or with that certain retro look that would represent my idea of what exactly Club Vintage means.

I want Club Vintage to be a comfortable, relaxing place you go to do some shopping when you want to find unique well-made fashions and more from a time in America that prided itself on quality products & customer service.

I began searching Etsy for just the right image.
I searched and searched....hearted lots of maybes....and a few..... if only the color was different or the look know the story.

After a couple of weeks I found exactly what I was looking my favorite 1950's & aqua.
I quickly showed Mr. Club Vintage...even though he doesn't blog, do the washing or really take part in day to day operations of the store....he has opinions and plenty of them. Low and behold he didn't hate it, yeah!

I quickly hit the BUY button....I was so happy to find the holy grail (mine at least) that I didn't want to take any chances I would lose out on perfection.

Right away, I mean instantly, I got an email from the store owner Joan, she runs BitsyCreations on Etsy along with

Joan is a wonderful, creative graphic artist. She worked with me to get everything just right and she went out of her way to help me set up the banner for my blog including giving me excellent instructions on how to put my new background & banner into blogger.....Joan, you are the best!!!!!!

Joan is also working on several ads for will soon find at least one of them on the Shop Vintage Fashion Guild Members link of the VFG.

If you need any type of graphic design work done I highly recommend you check out Bitsy Creations.....

I give Joan a big thumbs up!.....5 A+++++
and any other superlatives you can think of.....
Thanks Joan!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pattern Stash....Destashing

Just a quick post today as I am knee deep in my pattern stash.....only slightly exaggerating about the knee deep part.

I have always loved patterns and they are part of my memories for as long as I can remember.

My mom was an excellent seamstress....she made all of our clothes, including my favorite doll, Chatty Cathy, who magically had a matching dress whenever I got a new one.

I was taught to sew when I was about seven with small projects for 4-H exhibits such as aprons and dish towels. By the time I was ten I was winning blue ribbons with my dresses and coats at the county fair each year.

I quit sewing when I was in high school.....I began to think it wasn't cool....and I found vintage clothing & thrift stores so much more interesting......but this only fed my addiction to buying patterns. Even though I wasn't sewing I was buying patterns.....everywhere I went.

I have been hoarding them ever since...... safe and secure in their boxes ....tucked away. I have decided to begin to pare down the collection .....destash.....clean house.....make room for a guest room.

If you like patterns as much as I do, check out my Etsy store...Club Vintage to find the goodies.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America

Yes, I know I'm late with the Happy Birthday wishes.....but I was so busy cooking up a storm for a houseful of guests that I just couldn't find the time to make birthday wishes in a timely manner.

One of the nicest things about our nearly 100 year old house's location in the heart of smalltown USA is that every 4th of July the city has a large fireworks display.......directly behind our house.....right in my backyard!

This occasion always calls for us to have the biggest cookout of the year. After numerous games of horseshoes, lots of laughter and stuffed bellies for all....the countdown to showtime begins. As dusk falls many more friends and friends of friends and sometimes strangers show up to enjoy the splendor.

We had beautiful weather last evening, not too many mosquitoes and lots of ohhs and ahhs. It was a wonderful party and a perfect way to say Happy Birthday America.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Well, I finally did it!

I set up my own blog!

I will be sharing my love of vintage clothing and accessories along with other interesting tidbits that cross my path......or random thoughts & ideas......or.......just check back often as you never know what you will find.

It is a cold, rainy is July 2nd for heavens sake.....where is the summer.....the sun? I guess I will have to make my own sunshine......or just be happy that my garden is green, growing and loves the rain.

I'll just get out my favorite 40's vintage umbrella when I go out and about.
The best part of having a huge vintage collection is always having the perfect accessory!