Friday, July 24, 2009

Today's Estate Sale Treasures

I just got back from an estate sale with some fabulous treasures.

I really enjoy the anticipation...what will I find, will they have a "must have"....I also enjoy sitting in the car reading my current book (The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger)while I wait for the sale to begin.
For those of you who are not familiar with estate sales they give out numbers at a certain time, usually at 8am with the sale not set to start until 9am. Lots of people leave to go get coffee or some breakfast but not me, I don't drink coffee and I hate to lose my prime parking space. I just bring green tea in my thermos and my current book and I sit and wait. I also people watch...I have a few fellow patrons that I visit with...we talk about what we are looking for and what other sales are not to be missed that day while we wait the last few minutes before the opening rush to get inside to see the treasures.

Today's sale had lots of very old collectibles from a former business the family owned...but that is not why I I was looking for the vintage clothes that they advertised. I got in with the first group....I went straight to the clothes.....hummmmmm. I quickly found a rack of coats, my eyes were drawn to a beautiful leather coat in a soft butterscotch had turn lock closures and huge front pockets.....I peeked inside and found just what I knew would be there....Bonnie Cashin!

As I continued to look with the coat draped over my arm I found a rack of shoes and purses. I reached out and touched a soft leather purse, picked it up and its label read Mark was a touch lighter than the coat but went together wonderfully with it....another must have.

I continued on and looked at the jewelry picking up a confetti lucite bracelet. I also found a cute pair of Siamese cat salt and pepper shakers with turquoise rhinestone collars....perfect for my kitchen...they joined my new found treasures.

Next I found a set of eight atomic glasses....too cute.....they join my growing stash.

I checked out and smiled all the way to my car....I love estate sales!


  1. Ooo we totally had a pair of siamese cat salt & pepper shakers! They were very similar to that... I bet my mom still has them. :)

  2. Yes, I think they were in many homes...I seem to remember a pair very similar at my grandma's house. We used to breed siamese cats, the last one passed away a few months back at the ripe old age of eighteen....every time I see them sitting on the shelf it brings back happy memories of my babies.