Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Visitor

I know that the "visitor" has nothing to do with vintage clothing...or accessories...or anything vintage at all...but...I can't help it the story must be told.

The "visitor" arrived early Friday morning, very early. I woke up to a pair of eyes staring at me, my son was telling me something came in his window....oh no, this doesn't sound good...not good at all.
I dragged myself out of bed to see just what all the commotion was about...after all it was still dark out for crying out loud!

I came downstairs to find a pure white cat sitting in the middle of my kitchen with its big eyes looking straight at me...one blue eye & one yellow eye...both staring me down. Mr. Club Vintage gave me the sheepish grin, the one that says I couldn't help it....sure buddy.
Did this come in the window? No, I let it in the front door....great, well now it can leave...it might have fleas...be sick....we agreed, no more pets, remember?
Reluctantly the Mr. scooted the "visitor" out the door.

The Mr. and darling son went off to their jobs and I got busy at home. Later we all went bowling and brought our granddaughter home afterwards. What do I see on the back porch but the "visitor" waiting patiently for our return. Mr. Club Vintage scrounged around for something to feed to the "visitor" as he must be hungry. Soon the "visitor was safely ensconced in the living room being treated to as much love and attention as my granddaughter and grandpa could give, well it was very sweet but my resolve was still strong....the "visitor" must leave.

Next morning there was the "visitor" sitting on the porch with a gift for Mr. Club Vintage....a mole....the scourge of the lawn....the bane of his existence....Mr. was firmly in love!
Soon he took a trip to the store....his bag overflowed with goodies upon his return....you guessed it....cat food, flea collar and treats.
Oh, my, this was getting into dangerous territory. I told him it must belong to someone.....it was too clean, well feed and friendly to be a stray. I quickly volunteered to check the lost & found ads...someone must be missing their baby. I found nothing listed for a white cat with two different colored eyes.
Well, it can stay on the porch another night but not in the house, I'll check again tomorrow.

The next morning there sat the "visitor" with two more gifts for Mr. Club Vintage. He lavished praise on the "visitor" over and over....how great he was...what a hunter...what a good boy! I thawed a little but still I thought the "wonderful hunter" should keep to the happy hunting ground...outside.

Next morning there sat the "visitor" lazing about in the porch chair....appearing quite satisfied & comfortable. I caught myself talking to the "visitor" as I went in and out of the house....he followed me out to the garden and lay sunning himself while I weeded, it was rather nice....shhhh...did I say that?

As evening rolled around I went out to water my plants that surround the front porch....the "visitor" came and sat watching me as I made my rounds with the watering can. When I was done he followed me into the house...slid right in between my feet. He stretched out on the back of the sofa and went to sleep. I didn't have the heart to wake him....but I did snap a few pictures....he was so cute....maybe......

As I was contemplating the whole idea a knock sounded on the front door. I answered the door and there stood a man, a stranger to me....he was asking if we had found a white cat....a white cat with two different colored eyes. He said his nephew had been walking by and saw one on the porch so he thought he would see if it was his cat. Well, Mr. Club Vintage and I said yes, he's here....we'll get him for you. We handed him over to his owner along with the bag of food and treats. Off they went, walking down the sidewalk toward home which was a few blocks away.

As we shut the door for the night I think both of us were both happy and sad at the same time. The "visitor" had found his owner...but we will miss the "visitor."

Woke up this morning and went outside ....there sat the "visitor".....


  1. Awww, a new member of the extended family. Sounds like he wants to be in a new place, and he's found it.

  2. I just can't wait to see how long it takes the "man" to show up looking for him again. Somehow I feel guilty that he chooses not to stay home, go figure.