Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Street Blooms...a.k.a. My Flowers

I just have to share my lilies...these bulbs were a purchase from a school fundraiser my oldest grandson sold several years ago. Due to the cold and snowy Michigan winter they were supposed to be dug up and replanted every year or they would die.....do these perfect pink beauties look dead to you?

I know that I just got lucky that they aren't dead...that my laziness did not kill them.....maybe it is because they are securely nestled up next to my front porch....with a nearly 100 year old house...I'm sure the escaping heat that I pay dearly for has nurtured them....warmed their sweet feet....well at least my hard earned dollars went to a good cause.....:)

While I was out I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures of the other flowers that surround my front porch...enjoy!

P.S. See........even the bugs think they are irresistible.


  1. OH I am SO so jealous! They're stunning! Want to bring me some?! :) My parents are going to split theirs so we can plant some, but they don't have any as gorgeous as yours!! Love them!

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  3. I love them too! I wish I had more than three of the lilies so I could share.
    I have lots of perennials scattered around but I also planted 16 flats of annuals this year. I have recently spotted a pair of hummingbirds drinking from the sweet peas that cover the back fence.