Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Butterflies Are Free To Fly....Fly Away...Fly Away

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I have had butterflies on my mind for days.....ever since a huge vibrant orange & yellow monarch practically landed on my hand a few weeks ago when I got out of the car in my driveway after going to the grocery store.

I was reminded about butterflies again yesterday as I listed a beautiful 1950's sheer dotted swiss dress. The fabric sports the gentle beauties done in soft shades of pink, purple and aqua, it made me smile.

Butterfies were my mom's favorite creatures....she even has them carved into her headstone....they are one of my favorites too....thanks to mom....when one of them flits through my flower gardens I always say, "Hi Mom!"

So..... feel carefree, get a smile and enjoy some butterfly items listed on Etsy from my fellow Vintage Fashion Guild members.

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