Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More Fall & Winter....

I know that for some of you it is still blistering hot...middle of a heat wave....but for me, here in Michigan....fall is in the air.
It has not been a hot summer here by any means....but now in the early mornings you can smell fall, feel the crispness....plus the calendar is almost ready to turn to the September page.
When you work at a school, as I have for many years, the September page of the calendar marks the end of your lazy summer days....the tingles begin about a fresh, new year and all of the ups and downs it will bring....the turning of a page signals the circle to begin its spin....school time.

I want to share with you my newest offerings....fall and winter is just around the corner....time to get ready!

Multi-Color Striped Vintage 50's Full Skirt Alfred Werber Shirtwaist Dress Size XS/S

Vintage 50's Gray Wool Coat With Silver Mink Fur Collar and Scalloped Cuffs Size M L

MR. DINO Merlot Velvet Vintage 60's Print Vest Size Medium Large

Rich Cream Vintage 70's 80's Cowl Neck Sweater Dress Size Small Medium

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting Ready For Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons....for clothes....NOT the colder weather...no never that, I hate the cold...snow...slush....all of that.....but the clothes are fabulous.

I love warm and cozy sweaters, especially cashmere. I also have a thing for plaid wool skirts, shirts, and jackets.

Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, I can't keep all of my vintage treasures so I am starting to pull pieces from my collection to offer in my Etsy store...Club Vintage.

Here are a few of the offerings:

Yellow and Black Plaid Vintage 50's Full Circle Wool Skirt

Black Vintage 70's Victorian Gothic Blouse Sheer Lace High Neckline

Vintage GOLDWORM Matisse Art Print Dress and Scarf M L

Friday, August 14, 2009

Anniversary Celebration!

Today is my wedding anniversary.....I can't believe it! The clothes we wore that day are now vintage.....I guess we must be vintage too. How does that happen? All of a sudden we are what the new generation refers to as..... old, over the hill, out of touch.

We were hippies who absolutely loved rock & roll, ....now my favorite music is played on the local OLDIES station!

And we said we would never get old......oh well....here's wishing peace & long lasting love to all.....it has been a REAL........TRIP!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reminders of the Past

I have been busy lately....so I am behind on my blogging....and a few other things like cleaning the house but it doesn't mind waiting for me....or if it does...TOO Bad!

We have finally found summer....or if not summer, the yard has become a sauna complete with a steam bath rising from foliage everywhere. Of course with the increased temps it also has rained....up to five inches in a few days...no matter....life is good and so are the garden goodies.

To keep cool we decided to spend a few hours shopping. Mr. Club Vintage and I set out stopping first at an estate sale that advertised lots of vintage clothes. It was pouring rain as we got out of the car....umbrellas were seen all around....as I went in the door to the house the smell of cigarette smoke assaulted my nose....made ten times worse by the thick humid air. I wanted to turn back around and leave but the Mr. said he wanted to look around. So, I picked up a few washable items....a wicker plant stand to use outside in the garden and a couple of metal buckets that will be turned into containers for my herbs...again outside at least long enough for the smell to dissipate....I hope. I wanted to purchase some sewing patterns but I was afraid that I would never be able to remove the smell so I left them behind.

This talk of the cigarettes reminds me of how much things have changed.....when I was younger I seem to recall that everyone smoked...and they smoked everywhere! They smoked in stores....yes, stores...even while grocery shopping. I remember that clearly because my parents owned a grocery store when I was a kid and my job was to sweep up the butts they crushed on the floor as they filled their baskets with food....yuck!!!!!
They smoked in offices, businesses, planes, their homes and cars...everywhere!

My concern with all this smoking is that if you love vintage items and add them to your wardrobe and home decor the chances are very good, around 100%, that they were part of the smoking landscape....and will have the remnants of their previous life clinging to them even now. You can air them out, wash them numerous times and use all the deodorizing tricks such as cleaning them with white vinegar, baking soda, kitty litter, and even newspapers. But try as you might....the smell will rear its ugly head on occasions such as a humid day, or if you package an item up for shipping off to a new owner.....things that were odorless thanks to your diligent cleaning efforts.....harken back to their previous exposures.

This is not to say that we can't enjoy these treasures from the past....it just reminds us that they did have a previous life....they were not always in a pristine environment....we just have to accept them for what they are....beautiful reminders of our past history....history that includes the fact that smoking was everywhere.
If you want to share your life with vintage things from bygone days then you need to love them even when they show the uglier side of their past....I for one think they are worth it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Blouses Are Coming....The Blouses Are Coming....

As the title suggests "the blouses ARE coming" to my store, ClubVintage at Etsy.

I have been organizing my personal vintage clothing collection and have proven for a fact that there has been reproduction going on amongst the blouses.
I am sure that what once was possibly 30 blouses.... is now 60 or more.
This is a major problem.....I was not informed of the expansion in the population....how rude.

I refuse to harbor any sneaky reproducing blouses and their cousins the vintage shirt any longer. If you promise not to tell .....I will share with you my plan to rid myself of these traitors.....I will be putting them up for sale in my store!

I have already started to secretly divest the goods....if you are interested in owning any of these special blouses or shirts help yourself....just mind my warning....keep them separated.
If you fail to heed my advise.....I accept no responsibility for their reproductive habits!