Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check Us Out......We Have A New Look!

I know the mechanics of how to do a banner, an avatar and a few other "graphics" on the computer but.....after long hours...and I do mean hours.....the end result is very amateurish to say the least.
I knew it was way past time to upgrade my Etsy store.......
Club Vintage and my blog with a new, professional look.

I starting searching on Etsy about three weeks ago. I wanted something atomic, or mid-century modern or with that certain retro look that would represent my idea of what exactly Club Vintage means.

I want Club Vintage to be a comfortable, relaxing place you go to do some shopping when you want to find unique well-made fashions and more from a time in America that prided itself on quality products & customer service.

I began searching Etsy for just the right image.
I searched and searched....hearted lots of maybes....and a few..... if only the color was different or the look know the story.

After a couple of weeks I found exactly what I was looking my favorite 1950's & aqua.
I quickly showed Mr. Club Vintage...even though he doesn't blog, do the washing or really take part in day to day operations of the store....he has opinions and plenty of them. Low and behold he didn't hate it, yeah!

I quickly hit the BUY button....I was so happy to find the holy grail (mine at least) that I didn't want to take any chances I would lose out on perfection.

Right away, I mean instantly, I got an email from the store owner Joan, she runs BitsyCreations on Etsy along with

Joan is a wonderful, creative graphic artist. She worked with me to get everything just right and she went out of her way to help me set up the banner for my blog including giving me excellent instructions on how to put my new background & banner into blogger.....Joan, you are the best!!!!!!

Joan is also working on several ads for will soon find at least one of them on the Shop Vintage Fashion Guild Members link of the VFG.

If you need any type of graphic design work done I highly recommend you check out Bitsy Creations.....

I give Joan a big thumbs up!.....5 A+++++
and any other superlatives you can think of.....
Thanks Joan!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, aren't you the sweetest?! Thanks for the flattering words. :) I'm so glad you're happy! (And glad to hear Mr. Club Vintage 'doesn't hate it'! Ha! That's how it goes at our house, too.)