Friday, December 31, 2010

Have A Safe & Happy New Year

As you are celebrating the entrance of a new year.....

Stay safe, party responsibly....don't change your life forever.

picture from: Flowers For Clarence's photostream

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Double Feature

Club Vintage Fashions presents:
Sunday Double Feature!

After missing last Sunday due to an extended Christmas shopping expedition of epic proportions we are now back to our regularly scheduled double feature.

Today I would like to present some party shoes that would make any vintage lovin' gal gasp in joy.

Up first are these fab Vintage 50s Black Leather Peep Toe Sling Backs with Rhinstones from damngoodvintage

Then we have these awesome Vintage Purple Two Tone 1950's Style Peeptoe Pinup Heels 7 from Catbooks1940s

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Check Out The Fabulous Debut Issue of the Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) Newsletter

The debut issue of the Vintage Fashion Guild (VFG) Newsletter is now available. This winter edition includes a calendar of fashion events from around the world, the scoop on new brick and mortar vintage stores, and “lots more.” The VFG plans on making this a quarterly publication.
Click here to view the newsletter

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Double Feature

Club Vintage Fashions presents:
Sunday Double Feature!

This week we are showcasing items from fellow Vintage Fashion Guild members that we think are "the berries" so without further ado here we go!

Patriotic Swing Peplum Dress Suit Vintage 50s Belted Nip Waist Jacket 2 Skirt Blue Hand Painted Red White Blue Accents 40s 3 Piece M L VLV

LILLI ANN PARIS Vintage 50s Coat in Holiday Mohair Plaid Wool with Attached Scarf

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tips For Removing Stains From Washables

When one loves vintage clothing like I do, you need to have an aresonal of stain removal tricks up your sleeve.
Here are a few that come from 1968 via the Rich Sisters of Rich Bible Church.

Sponge area with white vinegar. If stain remains, soak with denatured alcohol. Wash with detergent in the hottest water safe for fabric.

Grease, Oil, Tar
Method 1: Use powder or chalk absorbents to remove as much grease as possible. Pretreat with detergent or non-flammable dry cleaning solvent, or liquid shampoo. Wash in hottest water safe for fabric, using plenty of detergent.
Method 2: Rub spot with lard and sponge with a non-flammable dry cleaning solvent. Wash in hottest water and detergent safe for fabric.

Sponge fresh stain with ammonia: old stain with vinegar. Pre-soak in cold or warm water. Rinse. Wash in hottest water safe for fabric. If fabric is yellowed, use bleach. If stain still remains, dampen and sprinkle with meat tenderizer, or pepsin. Let stand 1 hour. Brush off and wash. For persistent odor, sponge with colorless mouthwash.

Pre-soak in cold or warm water at least 30 minutes. If stain remains, soak in lukewarm ammonia water (3 tablespoons ammonia per gallon water). Rinse. If stain remains, work in detergent, and wash, using bleach sage for fabric.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Double Feature

Club Vintage Fashions presents
The Sunday Double Feature

Each Sunday we will offer the "double the fun" feature of the week. These offering will be from either our own store Club Vintage or from other VFG members items that we covet but instead will share with you. Psssst, the sharing of coveted items is only happening because although we want everything we're showing, mother said we had to share, darn!

Without further delay here are this week's featured treasures.

A Huge Silver-Toned Pirate Ship Pendant Necklace

Vintage Pinup 50s 60s BombshellPrint Sarong Dress S XS

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long Time No See...But I Have Some Great News...

It has again been way too long since my last posting. It seems to be the story of my blogging life, doesn't it?

I may not have been writing up a storm but I have been shopping up a storm.
I recently purchased seventy-six, yes I said seventy-six, dresses at one estate sale. She was a former beauty contestant winner in the 1930's and she married well, if you know what I mean.
The dresses are by the likes of Anne Fogarty, Harvey Berin designed by Karen Stark, Geoffrey Beene and Jerry Gilden, plus more fabulous quality frocks! Along with the dresses, I was able to bring home over 30 hats, shoes and purses too.
Today I found some new old stock Marimekko bed linens still in their original boxes. These would make a perfect holiday present for any vintage lover.

To whet your appitite here is a sneak peek of one dress that should be in my store ClubVintage by this Friday.

1940s Cold Rayon Fiesta & Roses Novelty Print Dress With A Draped Pleated Peplum

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Coming Soon To ClubVintage

I have been super busy this fall as evidenced by my lack of blogging. I have been going to lots of work related activities, bowling several nights a week and attending football games, when time permits. I also snuck in a great photo shoot last weekend with some lovely pieces that will be making an appearance soon in my store, Club Vintage.

Available now is a plaid skirt circa, 1950s.

Kitten Soft Abatract Print Sweater

NOS Black & White Floral Print Dress

Perfectly Pink Full Skirt Dress

Wool Plaid 49er Jacket

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Letting Go...Starting With Emilio Pucci

I have decided that I am going to let go of a few pieces of my "most hoarded" vintage collection. It is making me hyperventilate a little just to think about doing it, let alone actually doing it!

I will start with my matching set of Emilio Pucci for Formfit Rogers lingerie. These carefully hoarded pieces have been in my collection for quite a few years. The set consists of a fabulous slip dress with a built-in underwire bra and a matching pair of panties.

Letting go is good for you, right?

I have just listed both items in my store, ClubVintage over at Etsy.

Vintage 60s Emilio PUCCI Slip Dress

Vintage 60s Emilio PUCCI Bikini Panties Nylon Gusset

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ah Shucks Guys....

I just returned from a two week trip, a perfect mix of buying & relaxing...what fun!
I will be offering up some of my newest finds in the next few weeks over at my Etsy store Club Vintage so be sure to check in frequently so you don't miss any of the new vintage beauties.

I am also getting ready to go back to my "real" job working at a high school as the new school year is fast approaching. I want to share this school themed picture...I love the expressions, enjoy!

September, 1937 issue of Country Gentleman magazine

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back To School Fashions

New fashions for the back to school crowd have always been important. Girls from eleven to nineteen will make the grade with two-piece dresses this fall. They can be worn with a sweater on campus or with a blouse either on the campus or in town. The swing skirts are comfortable and flattering. Colors this fall will be cinnamon brown or bronze green. Plaids will also be popular.

This is the forecast for the fall of 1937 according to Country Gentleman magazine.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shop Update...Shoes, Shoes,Shoes

A quick shop update shows that the shoes are coming, the shoes are over to Club Vintage Fashions & More now for the best selection.

All joking aside...we are overstocked with shoes and must sell some before they take over the storage space completely.


New Old Stock Bass Weejuns Penny Loafers, perfect for back to school

Oxblood Red Andrew Geller Vintage Shoes Mules,
can you say S-E-X-Y

Black T-Strap Shoes Shiny Patent Chunky High Heels, love these classic beauties

I will be listing more fabulous shoes all week sure to stop on by.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Prevailing Mode In Fashion For The Summer Of 1935

Pattern number 3033

All images courtesy of Rural Progress Magazine

According to the June-July 1935 issue of Rural Progress Magazine weaves vie in summer popularity with prints. The wide varity of designs were created expressly to achieve the utmost smartness in both prints and weaves.

  • Number 3078-This smart little cape dress with its three-quarter sleeves, is very practical.

    Number 3030- Here's one of those attractive and useful little one-piece model dresses of linen-like cotton print.

    Number 2268-It's slim and graceful and is so easily sewn.

    Number 2875-A charming caped model designed to flatter the larger figure. The caped shoulder are delightfully cool.

    Number 3173-Just the sort of thing you need for hot days in town! It is made so easily and is predded in a jiffy!

    Number 2858-A simple day dress of printed cotton and just the easiest thing in the world to fashion.

    Number 2938-This slim cotton print dress is the softly tailored type, favored by smart women. It has the raglan shoulder effect, quite becoming to the average figure.

    Number 516-Could anything be more fetching than little sister and brother in these cunning togs?

    Number 3033-Here's looking at you in the loveliest frock of the season, a charmingly simple evening dress of embroidered organdie which achieves distinction without effort. The scalloped ruffle front and back, and the panel of the skirt ending in a point at the lower edge are the simple but effective features which convert just another party frock into something of a creation.

Each one of these patterns could be ordered for 15 cents except for number 3033, it was 25 cents.
I'll take two of each please!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hawaii Has My Heart

I have been having a love affair...there I said is out in the open.
I know that the allure is just physical...the warm and sultry, the blue of the sea and the sky, the colors and textures....but I don't care.
I am firmly in love....with Hawaiian clothing!

I have been enticed to wallow in my passion...but I am not are a few of the newest aloha beauties to be offered in the store, enjoy!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Culottes! Smartness & Comfort

From the pages of a Country Gentleman magazine dated June, 1936.

Culottes! Did I hear someone mention culottes? Of course I did, and you are probably hearing about them and seeing them as much as I am these days. If you are interested in smartness as well as comfort for active and spectator sports, you simply must have one of these new divided skirts. Of course, if you are very conservative, you can make this new sports frock with a plain skirt and pleats in the front and back, instead of divided. The blouse of the two-piece dress has an action back. By this I mean a deep pleat that gives plenty of room to swing a tennis racket. I am making mine in a lovely rust color cotton broadcloth that looks something like Shantung, and the buttons are of bright green composition, that will stand many launderings. I also am going to put a handkerchief of the green in the pocket. Here's to happy sporting days!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Schiaparelli Double Mint Gum Scarf Dress

I was flipping through a new to me Country Gentleman magazine dated April, 1938, when I found a fantastic offer from Wrigley's Doublemint Gum. The caption reads picture yourself in this new Schiaparelli Double Mint gum scarf dress from Paris. Made available to you from Double Mint Gum in Simplicity pattern 2740.

The dress ties scarf can be worn as an apron or take it off the dress and use as a handy platochek, or headscarf. When in need of a bag, knot the scarf-apron thusly. More double duty! Shown worn as an ascot at the neckline, this is a double-mint dress!

I just love finding interesting information like this. Stay tuned for more fashions of the thirties over the next few weeks as I have a whole stack of these wonderful magazines to share with you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shop Update...Sundresses, Blouses, & Swimwear

We have been having a heat wave this week like most of the eastern part of the country. All my recent listings have been focused on a hot, sultry, summertime, frame of mind, enjoy!

1980's does 1940's style sundress, sweetheart neckline.

Vintage 60's Terry Cloth Swimwear Coverup Jacket, huge buttons.

Vintage 50's Red & White Picnic Check Blouse, peter pan collar

Vintage 70's White On White Embroidered Blouse, made in the Philippines

Ethnic Bohemian Vintage 70's Anne Klein Maxi Skirt, very Moroccan

Vintage 60s Floral Fitted Sheath Sundress, Spaghetti Straps

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family, Friends & Fireworks

We had a blast at our annual gathering to celebrate the 4th of July even though it was blistering hot. We moved the tables and chairs around to catch the shade as the sun crossed the sky throughout the day. Along with catching glimpses of the adults wiggling their toes in the kiddie pool, slipping ice cubes down an unspecting target's shirt and lots of ice cold drinks in coolers scattered around the yard we managed to stay reasonably cool.

My grandaughter sported berry stained lips most of the day from sneaking off to rob sweet blackberries and raspberries off the vines near the garden. Who cares about jam anyway?

As the sun began to set, everyone settled into a cozy spot to await the firework display to light up the nightime sky. No one was disappointed with the spectacular show! I used a "fireworks" setting on my camera for the first time and was treated to some interesting results.
I can't imagine a better way to spend the day than with friends, family and fireworks!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Blog Is One Year Old Today!

Happy Birthday Club Vintage Fashions!

To celebrate I wanted to share a few of my favorite vintage greeting cards, enjoy!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Practical Tips For Clothing Care

photo courtesy of-Nationaal Archief-Flickr

I am a faithful reader of Woman's World Magazine. I enjoy their recipes, crossword puzzles, and positive affirmations. But, the most enjoyable part of this weekly magazine for me is the practical health, home, and beauty tips they have packed into every issue.

As the proprietor of a vintage clothing business, safe storage of woolens and stain removal are issues that I deal with every day. Recently I found several "tips" on these very concerns on the pages of Women's World magazine. I have not yet had a chance to try out the suggestions but I want to share them with you and I will report on my successes or failures. I would like to hear back from you, the readers of my blog, as to whether you give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down too.

The tips:
1. Moth-Proof your woolens!
Protect your sweaters during the warm weather by wrapping them in a few sheets of newspaper and sealing with tape. The paper will keep out moths and absorb moisture, keeping woolens fresh until fall.

2. Remove underarm stains from shirts!
Don't let stains ruin your favorite white shirt. Crush 4 uncoated white aspirin tablets and mix with 1 tsp. cream of tartar. Add enough warm water to make a paste, then work into the stain with an old toothbrush and let sit 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water. The salicylic acid in the aspirin removes the stains for good.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hand Painted Clothing & Primary Colored Coach Purses

I spent the morning updating the shop with a grouping of 70's hand painted cuties by Katie Denton Originals of Cape Coral, Florida. I found these recently at an estate sale of a lady who was quite the dresser. She was a snow bird too, which explains the fantastic Florida fashions.

The trio consists of a kelly green wrap style sundress that is embellished with seagulls in honor of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a sunny yellow wrap skirt with the cutest pair of owls both front & back, and last but definitely not least, a sky blue wrap skirt with a magnificent blue marlin sport fish on each side.

After lunch I put up a pair of vintage Coach purses in primary colors to round out the day before hitting the garden to tackle some nasty weeds.

I have a few more surprises up my sleeve to round out a week focused on the 70's & 80's, groovin' to the summer of love tunes as the infamous hair bands are coming into their own....stay tuned!