Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Prevailing Mode In Fashion For The Summer Of 1935

Pattern number 3033

All images courtesy of Rural Progress Magazine

According to the June-July 1935 issue of Rural Progress Magazine weaves vie in summer popularity with prints. The wide varity of designs were created expressly to achieve the utmost smartness in both prints and weaves.

  • Number 3078-This smart little cape dress with its three-quarter sleeves, is very practical.

    Number 3030- Here's one of those attractive and useful little one-piece model dresses of linen-like cotton print.

    Number 2268-It's slim and graceful and is so easily sewn.

    Number 2875-A charming caped model designed to flatter the larger figure. The caped shoulder are delightfully cool.

    Number 3173-Just the sort of thing you need for hot days in town! It is made so easily and is predded in a jiffy!

    Number 2858-A simple day dress of printed cotton and just the easiest thing in the world to fashion.

    Number 2938-This slim cotton print dress is the softly tailored type, favored by smart women. It has the raglan shoulder effect, quite becoming to the average figure.

    Number 516-Could anything be more fetching than little sister and brother in these cunning togs?

    Number 3033-Here's looking at you in the loveliest frock of the season, a charmingly simple evening dress of embroidered organdie which achieves distinction without effort. The scalloped ruffle front and back, and the panel of the skirt ending in a point at the lower edge are the simple but effective features which convert just another party frock into something of a creation.

Each one of these patterns could be ordered for 15 cents except for number 3033, it was 25 cents.
I'll take two of each please!

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