Friday, July 16, 2010

Culottes! Smartness & Comfort

From the pages of a Country Gentleman magazine dated June, 1936.

Culottes! Did I hear someone mention culottes? Of course I did, and you are probably hearing about them and seeing them as much as I am these days. If you are interested in smartness as well as comfort for active and spectator sports, you simply must have one of these new divided skirts. Of course, if you are very conservative, you can make this new sports frock with a plain skirt and pleats in the front and back, instead of divided. The blouse of the two-piece dress has an action back. By this I mean a deep pleat that gives plenty of room to swing a tennis racket. I am making mine in a lovely rust color cotton broadcloth that looks something like Shantung, and the buttons are of bright green composition, that will stand many launderings. I also am going to put a handkerchief of the green in the pocket. Here's to happy sporting days!

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