Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vintage Fashion Guild...Fall Inspirations

I just have to brag about the Vintage Fashion Guild's 2009 Fall Inspirations layout. It showcases some of the "best of the best" vintage clothing sellers. This fantastic piece of work gives vintage sellers a chance to show off their vintage items that align perfectly with this seasons fashion pieces hot off the runways.

I am a small seller compared to some of my fellow members of the Vintage Fashion Guild however, even I have a dress represented in the extravanganza!

Be sure to check out all the fabulous pieces over at The Vintage Fashion Guild

For fall 2009, designers have been inspired by past hits from the 1930s
through the 1980s, with everything from Depression-era flights of fancy
to timeless work-worthy suits. Come explore the inspirations for current
fashion, presented by the members of the Vintage Fashion Guild.

Check the following pages to be inspired!

You can find my contribution on page 6, number 34. You can purchase this dress at a very friendly price over at my store Club Vintage Fashions & More

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