Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Saga of the Carpet......

The day of the carpet installation dawned bright & early for me.  I dressed for scrubbing the walls of my office while watching the workmen install my new carpet in the shop.  I cranked the heat up to sauna-like proportions to assure the glue flowed smoothly and the carpet relaxed into its new home quickly.

The workmen arrived, they were excited at how well my husband had prepped the floor the evening before, this was going to make their jobs so much easier and the carpet would lay perfectly too.  They rolled out the huge roll of carpet and stepped out to let it warm up before glueing it down. 

I was excited, it looked wonderful laying there on the floor....the colors looked fantastic against the walls, I could picture it with the racks set was perfect!  Then came the dreaded voice saying I need to talk to you, there is a problem.  I felt my stomach drop....I knew this was not going to be good.  With measuring tape in hand he showed me that there wasn't enough carpet to complete the job.  Doom & gloom set in immediately.....what? why? how come? now what?

After a few phone calls and a meeting with the flooring company owner a new plan was decided upon.  My carpet was going to be delayed into late next week while we waited for a new roll of carpet with the same dye lot to arrive.  Not what I wanted to grand opening would be delayed....but was it the end of the world? 

In the scheme of things it will probably be humorous someday.....but right now it is an irritating delay that just has to be dealt with the best we can. 

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