Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've Got The "I'm Sick Of Winter Blues"

I am really sick of winter. I hate being cold, even when I add layer upon layer of clothes until they are surrounding my body to the point I can't move, like a child in a too small snowsuit, I am still cold!

I hate the snow. It only looks pretty while it is drifting through the sky. Landing into softly billowing piles of pristine white cloud-like structures on every object it covers. But soon it is dirty and gray lying on the side of the road, pushed high in piles in every parking lot, and staying around well past the time its welcome is worn out.

I've definately got the "I'm sick of winter blues especially when the weather man is predicting 8-10 inches of snow overnight......please winter, I've had enough, go away!

If you are feeling the same way maybe these lovely blue vintage treasures will help to perk your spirits up!

From soulmanvintage-Men's 50s Brocade Smoking Jacket Blue Oriental Scene M
From LoulousVintage-Teal Blue 1950s Cotton Rockabilly Road Runner Bird Dress
From ClubVintage-Blue Vintage 70s Halter Sun Dress Polkadots Maxi

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